Robotics and Automation Society Workshop

Date : 16th September, 2017


  1. To introduce the participants to the true concept/definition of robots.
  2. To understand the applications of robots in military, home, farm, industry, etc.
  3. To understand the aspects of robotics (frame, electronics and programming).
  4. To understand the interaction of robots with humans, the concepts and rules behind these.
  5. To work on Arduino UNO and to understand the programming and working of similar devices.
  6. To interface various sensors and motors with Arduino UNO, in order to prepare any robot required.
  7. To work hands-on, the integration of the three aspects of robotics, i.e., to construct a robot with chassis, electronics and program it to perform the required task.
  8. To make a robot within a given time, without mentor supervision.

Speakers and Resource Person

  1. Prof. K P Raman, Dept. of ECE, PESIT – South Campus, Bangalore
  2. Himesh Reddivary, MD,, Bangalore

Proposed projects for hands-on

  1. Line follower and Obstacle detector for fundamental robots.
  2. Gravity sensor based gesture control robot for advanced.

Schedule of Events

  1. 07:30am-Assembly of participants
  2. 08:00am-Inaguration
  3. 08:30am-Keynote Address
  4. 09:45am-Break
  5. 10:05am-Hands On Session-1
  6. 1:00pm-Lunch
  7. 2:00pm-Hands On Session-2
  8. 5:00pm-Vote of Thanks