2016 - 2017 events

IEEE Student Council T-Shirt Design Contest

This Kick-starter event helped popularize the IEEE Student Chapter in the college and invited a certain number of member registrations. At the while it also helped us to obtain a T-Shirt Design for the Student Council. The winner was given INR 1200/- and the Runner-Up INR 600/- as prize money.

Seminar on Virtual Reality

The seminar had free entry to promote the IEEE Student Chapter. The seminar on Virtual Reality was attended by several enthused students intrigued about the field. Certificates were handed to the speakers at the end of the workshop.

Industrial Visit to ISRO + Visit to HAL Museum

A very fruitful experience for the IEEE Student Chapter, it helped generate around 100 registrations as all who visited had become IEEE Members. ISRO gripped students with awe and aspiration as we learned about Indian Space ambitions. The entry to the HAL museum was financed by the IEEE Student Chapter.

Workshop on Python+ Cloud Computing and Workshop on GNU Octave

The entry to the events was charged. Both the workshops (Python + Cloud Computing and GNU Octave) were organized and conducted simultaneously in different seminar halls. The event saw several IEEE and non-IEEE attendees. Speakers/ Resource Persons were called from the industry and were alumni from our very own college

IoT Workshop

The workshop was aimed towards teaching the audience, fundamentals of connected devices.The workshop enabled the audience to code a simple home automation system wherein the user is able to switch on/off lights using the phone. The basic functionality of the motion sensor and it’s usage in daily life was also one of the topics in the agenda.

Mechatronics Seminar

IEEE PESIT South Campus SB took the initiative to conduct a seminar that aims of introducing the basic underlining concepts of Mechatronics to young engineering students to create a awareness of the scope and opportunities that this newly emergent field has to offer.

Wit War Debates

Wit War is a rebuttal series where the participants engage in discussions and debates.This event helped participants enhance their oratory skills and enabled them to put forth their ideas in front of an audience, thereby enhancing their soft skills.

Techila Tech Quiz

A two level quiz with prelims (Tech history) and Jeopardy rounds. The aim of this event was to promote quizzing culture amongst students and make them aware of the new trends in technology. It was a learning experience for all including the volunteers and audience.