2014 - 2016 events

Signal Processing Workshop

A detailed talk about importance of Signal Processing by Prof. Ajey SNR. Apllications of Signal Processing by Dr. V. Ramasubramanian. Prof. Kusuma threw light on signals in our own body and how these can be harnessed and analysed. Dr. Subhas Kulkarni (HOD ECE) introduced students to the power of MATLAB as a signal processing tool. He demonstrated the automation of the entire process. To take the uses of MATLAB further, Dr. Kulkarni and his enthusiastic team not only demonstrated but also organized a hands-on session with the students in image processing.

Data Science and IoT synchronised workshop (SYNCHRONIZE)

Talk sessions on Overview of IoT, Applications of IoT, Technology Underpinnings of IoT, IoT privacy, ethics and regulations. This was followed by workshop on data analysis using R, topics including ingesting data into R, Exploratory analysis and visualizations (plot/ ggplot2), Event Sequence Analysis (using R-Trainer package), Visualizing failure paths, Estimating failure probabilities.